Top 5 Ways to Avoid Decision Fatigue

Use these simple tips to avoid decision fatigue

Top 5 Ways to Avoid Decision Fatigue

Top 5 Ways to Avoid Decision Fatigue

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Because of all the overwhelming response to our previous post on dangers of Decision Fatigue wanted to add some posts this week on ways to avoid it.

Today, wanted to go over the Top 5 Ways to Avoid Decision Fatigue:

First, and the most effective is to chunk time & tasks. For example, seems like most of us feel that email & phone calls should be answered immediately, but you can start to chunk out your daily tasks in a way that makes you’re more effective at making decisions and answering.  
Instead of replying to every email and call as it comes in, avoid the distractions from notifications and schedule blocks of time to address them.

Try to schedule like tasks together into a chunk of time.

If you are a recruiter, block off a certain time to make prospecting calls and another block to review already submitted applications. And another to answer emails.

Even in the most demanding of circumstances, you should be able to push time blocks around taking calls and responding to emails to certain parts of the hour.

The second goes hand-and-hand with the first in avoiding distractions. We become slaves to our technology whenever we feel it is necessary to respond to every alert and ring from our device.

If you follow the first suggestion to chunk out time, you will be able to focus better on whatever task you are doing if you are avoiding distractions. Need to make calls? Then close your email. Need to respond to emails? Don’t answer the phone. You can use your phone or some computer apps to countdown blocks of time you set.

This practice not only allows you to focus but shifts your mindset to one of being control of your day instead of being overwhelmed by the incoming request.

Which leads to the third suggestion which is to control your physiology. Along with your mindset, overall, your posture, and breathing can give you incredible leverage to how you feel. Scientist and doctors are constantly baffled how the mind and body intertwine, but you can use these quick tips to control what they refer to as “your state”.

A positive state will make you incredibly more productive. It is basically how you feel. But did you know you can change the way you feel in moments by controlling your body?

The first exercise is to stand up and simply put your hands on your hip while tilting your head and looking up. Basically a superman pose. Social psychologist, Amy Cudd published a study that showed how simply making this shift in poster immediately resulting in people feeling more confident and happier.

Don’t want to pose like Superman at your cubicle? No problem. You can use breathing exercises and smiling to bring a similar effect. Sitting up straight and taking some deep breaths through your nose and then exhaling slowly through your mouth can also put in you positive state. And simply smiling for about 10-seconds kick off a chain reaction in your brain to also move you to a positive state….Just try it. They don’t cost a thing but a few moments of your time.

When you start to realize how much your body and mind are connected to a positive state, the fourth suggestion should be no surprise. You should make sure you are getting enough sleep and to eat. Never make complicated decisions when sleepy or hungry as your judgment is literally clouded. You can use naps or meditations to reset if you have to make lots of decision in a day.

The fifth suggestion works best if the other four are being done as well. We highly suggest you systemize processes as much a possible. This just means simplify the things you need to do in a day to routines and when work is involved, try to make each task as organized as possible. This is the reason we use forms and software to organize work tasks.

And that is what we do best at Vital Organizer. Systemizing processes will organize task into simplified decision points that can be easily identified. Also when your systemize processes, you can bring efficiencies into your workflow. This eliminates the back and forth that typically results in things falling through the cracks or backlogs.

If this is something you need help with, please send me a message and we can set up a call to discuss your current goals and challenges.
I hope this list has been helping and we will be continuing to add more to this important topic over the next few days.

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