GPS Proof

Been There. Done That.

The GPS Proof Story

GPS Proof started out as an experiment. In 2009, after talking to a pool maintenance company owner, realized there was no way at the time to really prove that you were where you said you were, when you said you were. He was in disputes with multiple clients that said he never went to their homes when he claimed he did.

So the challenge was, can we be the third party “GPS Proof” to show user exact location/time data?

Well we started out by building a proof of concept and this was the teams’s first attempt at using geo-location. It was just starting to be use so there was not much documentation around it.

The first concept was a GPS Proof user would create an account and document his check ins & check outs. They could then email that “GPS Proof” to their employer, client, or just store it just in case of a conflict later.

When we showed it to some of clients, the feedback jumped from their excitement. One asked, “Can I have this for my employees?” and then what would later be called Vital Organizer was born. The other asked us to take care of special circumstance.

A martial arts school owner wanted a way to notify parents that he was picking up their precious children from school and on the way back to his after school program. So we added the ability to send SMS messages and GPS Proof allowed him to quickly spot which child he had just picked up and notify their parents showing them the exact GPS coordinates which was typically in front of their school.

The parents loved it and he then had an electronic log of when and where the children were picked up.

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