Expense Reporter

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The Expense Reporter Story

Expense Reporter came from our clients dealing with issues tracking down and reconciling both employee personal and credit card expenses. In evaluating the issue, the office was spending lots of time chasing someone down maybe 2 months  later trying to find a receipt. The longer the time it took to reconcile expenses, the longer it took to produce accurate reports for management.

We build a quick uploader for the bank’s credit card transactions and then parsed all the transactions based on the cards involved. If the employee had any transactions recorded that month, they would receive an email asking them to come online to finish that month’s expense report.

The issues were nearly eliminated and both the office and the managers loved the time saving. Instead of waiting for the managers to provide the transaction, we used the bank’s records which were more accurate. The manager needed to only categorize the expense and then upload their receipt. Instead of waiting for the statement to be released, we cut off the transaction for the month which was easier for the mangers to grasp.

The office then had the ability to export the completed reports matching the statements dates, making reconciliation much easier.

The mobile responsive design helped managers easily track expenses as they happened snapping pictures of receipts on their phone. They had the ability to attach a receipt to the individual transaction or the entire monthly report.

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