Customized LMS & Training Reseller System

The E&A Story

E&A or Ellis & Associates, Inc. was a revolutionary lifeguard training company. The owner, Jeff Ellis literally wrote the book that was later adopted world wide as the gold standard on training lifeguards. When we came to work with them in 2006, they were operating off a 3-ring binder that contained their client product prices and took all their orders via phone or fax.

Fast forward to the present and we have systematized their entire business. Here are just a few things their current custom portal can do:

  • Digitally distributed course materials to their over 45k annually trained participants.
  • Social Logins allow super quick registrations for their training participants
  • All participant progress is reported back to the instructors
  • Easy class creation & close process help both small and large trainers organizations
  • Digitally signed credentials that already include both the instructor and student’s signature.
  • Fully reconciled work orders never miss a billable job
  • Three flexible billing options for their clients.
    • Traditional a la carte orders to add training inventory
    • Assignment billing reconciles only passed participants assigned credentials.
    • Flat Fee gives unlimited training for a fix monthly price
  • Full admin portal helps their staff provide all the content updates and customer support
  • Custom Dashboards gives access to easy reports and metrics
  • The system helped them achieve IACET certification

In addition to the training portal, a number of custom tools were created to help them perform special on-site inspections and employee expense tracking.

All the system virtually eliminated any lag or issues with client billing streamline their operations.

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