Classes Near Me

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The Classes Near Me Story

Working in the B2B Training market, we noticed how incredibly difficult it was to find locations holding safety training. Google tried its best by adding “Near Me” to any search word you try, but they can only show you what was indexed from various websites.

So we reversed engineered the problem and discovered the following needs:

  • Be able to load all your your training along with the vendors that are doing the class
  • Make the site ridiculously simple to navigate
  • Display all the time and place information needed for that class to see if it works for a visitor
  • Build all the search engine optimization into structure so it can be used for any type of classes

We create the website and loaded it with American Heart Association CPR classes from around the country as a beta to try it out.

But the system can be use to give anyone the ability to advertise classes or event. Some applications are:

  • Any Classroom Training
  • After School Sports and Activities
  • Marketing/Franchising Locations (for example, “Phone Repair Near Me”)
  • Centrally Organized Meetings (Toastmasters Near Me”)
  • Decentralized Meetings (for example, “Car Shows Near Me”)

So we began working on both user and vendor logins which can allow for easy decentralized updates. For example, verified vendors can update their listings and any classes/events tied to that location. And users can then register easily with social networks and then communicated to vendor. We are also working on the ability for registrations and payment collections if necessary.

If you are interested in having a custom portal/directory similar to Classes-Near-Me, built for you, please contact us today for a free consultation.