Membership Portal


The ACHRM Story

The Association for Corporate Health Risk Management or ACHRM is a non-profit organization that is helping corporations navigate the ever changing health insurance industry and constantly updating regulations. They needed a fluid way to communicated with there over 175k mailing list as well as automate their various memberships levels.

We integrated a WordPress site with a custom built portal that did the following:

  • Manage their over 175,000 mailing list and easily allow them to prune bounces and opt-outs.
  • Geo-location searches allow them to target only the members that are close enough to one of their events to attend.
  • Integrated Event promoter that uses both their members list and potential prospects to email about their upcoming events.
  • PayPal integrated subscription manager to streamline their membership dues.
  • Protected Members Area that allowed them to share their membership content.
  • Fully automated event reminders and follow-up survey the day after each event.

Automating most of the tasks and cutting down on the need for spreadsheets moving data between the website, the email tool and reports allowed them to focus on what they do best.

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