No Current Location and Search Not Showing Distance Order
If you search on a location and the map:

     1.) does not recenter on the location you entered
     2.) and the distances do not show, thus not re-ording your listings

Then there may be an issue with your Google API key setup. Specifially, you are missing a the Geo-Location Libary that VO Store Locator needs to find either the current location or the location entered in the search.

To fix the issue:
    - You can either edit your current Google API key in their site. Just add the Geo-Location Library to your current key.
    - Or you if you use the link inside our settings just under the API key box for "Get API Key", this will assemble all the libraries neccessary for our plugin to work properly. You can use it to generate a new Google API key and then update the settings with it.

If you are still having an issue after trying these solutions, send us a support request to support AT with the URL of your store locator and we'll take a look at it.

We greatly appreciate your feedback.

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