Having problems seeing the map
The most common issue when the map either does not appear or shows a grey error message is the Google Map API are missing or incorrectly configured.

Note: From July 16th 2018, it is mandatory to have a Google Maps API key in the settings for normal working of the plugin.

If you have been using our plugin for a while, there was a change to Google's Map APIs in November 2017 that we are asking users to just get a new Google key to resolved.

Please use the link provided in the Settings area shown here: https://d.pr/i/yPGHDr

This link was setup to give you all the correct library and permissions settings in one click. 

Just setup through Google's process of making a project and you should get a link to copy the newly generated API Key to the clipboard.

If you are using a cache on your site please make sure it is cleared after the new key is added. 

We greatly appreciate your feedback.

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