How Do I add Google API Key for Store Locator?
Google Maps API Key is a very important text field where you have to add your API Key to use Google Map Service such as Direction API, Geocoding API, Google Javascript API and Google Place API. If the Google API Key is not provided or invalid, your Google Map search Widget will not work or your Google Map will show error and Google map will disappear.

1. Navigate to the VO Store Locator settings panel via dashboard.

2. Click "Get Api Key" below Google Maps API Key Field.

3. Follow Instructions with the link & create a new key. Remember to name it uniquely, may be Store Locator Key.

4. That's it! Once you have create a new key, copy it & paste it in the "Google Maps API Key" field as shown in above screenshot. Always remember to hit "Update Settings" button after doing any changes.

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