Visitors Stats - What are the stats included in Visitors Stats Tracking?
VO Store Locator Visitor Stats

Get all your store visitors stats at your fingertips. Stats for each store whether it is default or tagged instance.

Filter Data - Days, Week & Month Sorting, access data for a custom range of date, current month, last month, last 7 days & much more.

Key Stats with Graphical Representation
  • Number of Visits - Shows count of total visits 
  • New/Returning Visitors Info - Shows count of New & Returning visitors 
  • Browser Visits - Shows different browser visitors are coming from
  • Device Visits - Shows different platforms visitors are coming from
  • Location Requests - Get location details with the count, you can know a popular location for your store locator 
  • Listings Requests - Get Listings details with the count, you can know a popular listing for your store locator

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