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Vital Organizer passionately wants to improve the lives of our employees, our clients, and our communities. We want to make a difference, and we bring that enthusiasm to every project.

Technology should improve people’s lives and not make things more complicated. So we are constantly looking for proven strategies that are more reliable, more secure, and more enjoyable to work with.

But as much as we love technology, we know it’s people who matter the most. And that people driven approach is what we believe makes us different then the rest. We love to listen, and we love to learn.

We know that each client has a very unique mission and we revel in being able to contribute. We delight in seeing individuals and organizations benefiting from our solutions.

Simply put… We want you to be your best!

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Tina Rathod
Tina Rathod
Software Developer

Tina is Software Developer and Designer that has over 9+ years of experience. She loves to design challenging responsive pages which incorporate large data tables and graphs. She is a logic workflow expert and has lots of experience dealing with global data solutions that need to both show multiple languages to both screens and reports.

Manoj Milani
Manoj Milani
Software Developer

Manoj is a Software Developer and Designer that has over 9+ years of experience. He loves to design complicated workflows that deal with timezone and locations. He is a scheduling expert and has lots of experience dealing with regional mapping for global scheduling and dispatch systems.

Kris Jurski, MBA
Kris Jurski, MBA
Founder | Systems Intergrator & Designer

Kris loves making things easy. Easy for his clients. Easy for their users. His unique background includes both creative and analytical sides that help him to see the complete picture. Kris has over 15+ years experience designing & building web application that are stilled being used globally,

Dinesh Milani
Dinesh Milani
SEO Guru

Dinesh earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and brought that analytic skill to digital marketing with an emphasis on Search Engine Optimization. He loves to do in depth site analysis that includes competitive research. He is an expert with on & off page optimization expert, keyword analysis, and press releases submissions.

WE PROVIDE SERVICESthat stand out for their quality


Starts with prioritizing the objectives and determining the initial scope and budget. Once set, milestones are set working with the development team.


The Development Team works with the Designer’s layout using proven software project mythologies to ensure the milestones are reached within time and budget.


Support has to be both accurate and timely. Our Support team also works with the Designer and Development teams to incorporate enhancments to bring constant improvements.