WordPress Store Locator Plugin – VO Store Locator

VO Store Locator 3.0 is the most customizable FREE plugin being offered. Our WYSIWYG, drag and drop interface will get your store locator page just the way you like it. Download Now from WordPress Directory.

You want to make it easy for clients to find your store location, and VO Store Locator makes it easy for you to offer that. There are many other WordPress store locator plugins out there but watch out for the unique features in VO Locator which listed below. It allows you to filter the locations based on Tags(categories) which is most promising for any store locator to filter out the locations.

VO Store Locator is a simple, but powerful WordPress Plugin that allows you to offer, “Where is the nearest location?” searches for your site visitors. And best of all its FREE!


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Custom Fields

Add the fields you need to fit your listings. Order the items that will then show on the map pop-up and even control their corresponding icons. Add unlimited custom fields to your listing.

Read our knowledge base for more info on custom fields.

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Track Visitors Stats

Comprehend your listing usage with our visitor stats. See your returning customers, popular store & more. Key Stats with Graphical & Pie Chart Representation. You can understand your top searches like most viewed stores and locations.

Read our knowledge base for more info on accessing visitors stats data.

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Multiple Stores – Instances

With VO Store Locator you can show multiple and unique listings on your pages or posts. Have a product page where you want to filter vendors only for that specific product? Instances let’s you do it easily.

Read our knowledge base for more info on setting up Instances.

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Import/Export Using CSV

You can easily import or export your listing data using CSV file. The import tool automatically fetch coordinates from Google’s geo-encoding service. You can also add tags and populate custom fields with the import.

Read our knowledge base for more info on setting up Instances.

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Radius Search

Adding a radius search to your map is made easy. Just set the maximum radius in the setting, and users will receive a slider on their map to adjust the radius search. Works with both miles and kilometres.

Read our knowledge base for more info on radius search.

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Easy Updates

Keep up-to-date with the latest Pro-Add-On features with easy updates right from the admin plugin manager. All purchases include 1-year of on-site support.

Read our knowledge base for more info on the Easy Update.

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Get More with Pro Addon
Custom Fields, Radius Search, Import/Export Listings, Multiple Tags, Multiple Instances, Visitor Stats, WYSIWYG Editor



  • Improved Performance with Marker Clusters.
  • ALL New UI for Manage Listings.
  • Custom fonts to match with your website.
  • Customize Marker Info Window.
  • Infinite colours to choose for Map Marker.
  • Ability to tag the listings.
  • Filter the listings by tags.
  • Add Unlimited locations to showcase store listings, class locations, job locations, events listing and other locations with the use of Google maps.
  • Fully Responsive layout out of the box.
  • Customize store listing/map listing appearance according to the website theme.
  • Auto location look-up based on where a user is currently located.
  • Auto-locate co-ordinates, only need to enter an address of the desired place/store.
  • Embed listings/maps on pages and posts easily using shortcode [VO-LOCATOR].
  • Google Map Driving directions to the store.
  • Insert thumbnail image to the store listing.
  • Map zoom and scroll with satellite view.
  • Easily turn Map display On/Off.
  • Ability to hide address from public/users for your special cases where you need to only show phone and other details.
  • Easily update Several listing Co-ordinates in a single click. (Pro Addon)
  • Multiple Tags for a Single Listing. (Pro Addon)
  • Custom Marker Pin for each listing. (Pro Addon)
  • Bulk Update for Custom marker icons. (Pro Addon)
  • Show Distance to each Store from Current Location.
  • Set default Center for Google Maps.
  • Customize your map with easy WYSIWYG interface.
  • Customize the font type and colour of pins and backgrounds.
  • Find Direction in KM and Miles.
  • Set a pin color per tag to differentiate locations.
  • Locate address by Zip Code, Town, City or State.
  • Ability to add turn-by-turn driving directions to the location.
  • Location Management with colored markers.
  • Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, German, French, Romanian, Portuguese & Italian Language Translations available.