Location-Based Scheduling

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Instant GPS Location, Traffic Updates, and Weather Conditions


Location-based scheduling enables…

Instant GPS location.
Information on dangerous weather conditions and traffic delays.
Consistently updated driver status.

These are the elements that make dispatch management 99% easier.

The problem is that most traditional scheduling tools leave service industry professionals without accurate and time saving information.

Vital Organizer provides location-based scheduling that reverses that trend.

With up-to-date weather conditions, traffic updates, and instant driver location right at your fingertips, you’ll never have to worry about work status or driver safety. And with a full-circle view of arrival status, you prevent unexpected costs, customer dissatisfaction, and lost profits.

Vital Organizer’s time- and money-saving features enable you to…

  • Increase your billable hours and become more profitable, because weather updates ensure snow and rain don’t stall projects.
  • Access the precise location of team members, so that you keep your team working while you easily avoid hazardous or poor driving conditions.
  • Gain peace of mind with a consistent awareness of driver safety, so you can concentrate on profits back at the office while your workers travel to job sites.
  • Share weather forecasts and traffic updates around specific job locations, so that you can schedule work proactively.
  • Keep an eye on all team members, and instantly know the job status, so you don’t have to slow down your own work schedule to get an update.

Constant Information. Consistent Updates. Greater Profits.

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Driver Safety Is Priority #1…

Vital Organizer values the success of your deliverable services, and also the safety and well-being of all your employees. That’s why our robust management system harnesses effortless and consistent communication that keeps all parties aware of conditions and statuses at all times.

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