Job Tracker: Instant Project Status Updates at a Glance

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Our job tracker software enables instant project status updates that allow you to work with clarity and focus. For most service industry managers, job management software equates to waiting that slows down productivity.

What if your employees could give you up-to-the-minute job status notifications?

What if, on one screen, you managed every work detail at a glance?

No more searching through your inbox for information on job completion.
No more waiting on a text message from a team member in the field.

With Vital Organizer’s Job Tracker feature, you receive a list of status updates that scrolls like a Twitter feed right in front of you. With our job management system, team members send a quick update after each milestone is completed.

Within seconds, workers check in to job sites, send location information, and update dispatch with important information. You only need to glance at the Job Tracker feature on your computer or smartphone to save hours in your workday.

That’s what peace of mind looks like.

Employees simply enter in the required information, and managers oversee the project from start to finish in real time.

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See How Instant Job Updates Work with Vital Organizer.

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Vital Organizer allows your team to give you the information you need to track real-time updates, with…

  • Instant status notifications via text message.
  • A social media implementation that employees will understand in seconds.
  • No more phone calls, emails, or waiting, because you will always remain aware of status.
  • Location and dispatch information that appears at a glance.

Save Your Organization Time and Money.

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