Instant Dispatch Information

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Access to instant dispatch information enables service industry managers to increase their organization’s bottom line without second-guessing or missing crucial information.

Instant dispatch information allows you to manage projects with a turnkey solution. With many simultaneous factors such as driving time, milestone completion, and job location at play, it’s frustrating that traditional systems don’t allow service industry managers can’t receive dispatch updates in a timely manner.

Between service call management and work schedule updates, it’s difficult to receive accurate dispatch information. At that point, you are left scrambling for information and not knowing the status of important projects, and you drain hours from your workday.

With Vital Organizer, you can make dispatch management easy when team members enter instant site check-ins, location information, and job status updates with the push of a button.

If you struggle with getting and using the correct information you need, you’ll never have to worry about dispatch management again, when you…

• Know the location of the job site, so that you can factor driving time and distance into the work schedule.

• Access weather and traffic conditions, so that you stay aware of project status and worker safety.

Geo-locate nearby field workers, so that you can complete the job faster.

Complete work scheduling effortlessly, so that you can concentrate on the many other parts on your to-do list.

Get instant information on job completion, so that you never have to stress about when the job gets done.

See Dispatch Information at a Glance.

Dispatch Information


With a 360 view of driver location, work scheduling, and up-to-the-minute job statuses—your dispatch management responsibilities will be the last thing you have to worry about.

Experience the Helicopter View of Instant Dispatch.

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