Let’s be honest. Your team does not jump out of bed each morning full of enthusiasm and joy to make sure their calendars are up-to-date. But in reality, there are some things that the office critically needs to know so they can effectively manage the work schedule. Task management can be a necessary evil, but rarely does anyone think it could be fun.

So how can win, when the game is stacked against you from the work “Go”? But imagine for a moment that, the team actually look forward to keep their calendars up-to-date. What if you could recognize the ones who do easily and hold them up as role models for others?

Well deep in each and everyone of us, we are hard wired to be competitive. Something takes hold of us when we see someone doing better than us and some are wildly motivated to be the best.

Well Vital Organizer used that built in human nature to change the way we look at traditional task management. By introducing a points game to task management, something magical happens. Your teams springs to action and the competitiveness, solves three things for your organization:

  1. Your team members easily recognize the benefits in keeping their schedules up-to-date. They get rewarded for the right choices and punished for bad ones.
  2. The competitions make productivity sky rocket. Not only does the office get everything they need on a more timely basis, but the teams starts getting more done.
  3. Your team feel closer than ever. Something magical happens when individuals participate in games. You’ll see faces light up. New employees drop their jitters. Team members start to take pride in their accomplishments.

Gamification is changing the way we look at getting work done. Not only does it achieve the end result, it allows team member to have fun along the way.

Vital Organizer is the first and only work order management tool that introduces gamification at work to the mix. See how it can transform your organization today.

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