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Workflow Management Solutions

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There is workflow management software.
And there is the workflow management solution.

Vital Organizer falls under the second category.

With instant dispatch information with GPS, readily available job status updates, and effortless work scheduling capabilities, and even a gamification system that makes work fun, Vital Organizer stretches far beyond traditional service management and job completion software.

Just Some Features

This is why this solution is awesome!

Work Schedule
Achieve 100% customer satisfaction with timely job completion. Geo-locate your field employees, and handle projects with greater efficiency.

GPS Location With Weather And Traffic
Driver safety, instant location status, and weather information appear at a glance. Make dispatch management 99% easier.

Keep records without recalculating time zones. Experience effortless timekeeping with a simplified system that updates information in seconds.

Opportunity Tracking
No more wasting investment dollars on advertising. Spot opportunities for sales without spending time and money on ineffectivemarketing.

Status Updates
Get instant access to job status updates that happen in real time. Save time when you no longer have to check spreadsheets, text messages, and email for job status updates.

Instant Dispatch
Up-to-the-minute dispatch information in the palm of your hand.

Experience a 360ยบ view of dispatch.

See how much work gets down when employees compete!

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